L 160cm x H 60cm x D 2cm


(from left to right)
Rustic Walnut/Silver Trim - Whitewash - Dark Expresso - Baltic Timber - Teak - Brushed Silver - ALL $695
Plain White - Matte Black - $650

Dark Grey - Driftwood White - Light Grey - Brown
ALL $650

*The more timbery style frames may vary slightly in colour & either have more or less knots.
If you have any concerns email me & I can take a photo of my current stock to show you exactly what it looks like.

A beautiful archival glossy film that picks up amazing detail in the photograph and has maximum wow factor and "Pop". (please check my photo gallery underneath the photo code to see if "All sizes are available" is written, if so then I have the resolution to produce this size on the glossy film)

The film itself is waterproof + 100 years fade resistant with archival pigment inks

These artworks contain no glass and although they are very glossy have very little reflection making them suitable for bright rooms.

Although the film is waterproof, it is a very high resolution finish making it quite delicate so cleaning is recommended with just a standard duster or microfibre cloth with absolutely no cleaning chemicals.

This method + style is very affordable for the size & quality and the detail is just amazing, it is like you are standing there in real life.

If you did require your photograph to be framed up additionally behind glass / matboard, contact me with your desired dimensions & I can give you a quote.


L 150cm x H 50cm x D 3cm

* A super crisp, bright white photographic quality canvas

* Outdoor rated, scratch resistant film coating with UV blocker

*Printed using ARCHIVAL "CANON LUCIA" pigment Ink*

*Lifespan of greater than 100 years rated before fading

*A Shadow box frame may be added for aditional cost to frame your canvas,
please email me to discuss possible framing options + price


*Limited images are available in the XL SIZE*
(Refer to Gallery to see sizes available)
(Generally this applies more to the glossy film, If I can do a Large in a glossy then I can do an XL in a canvas, contact me if you are unsure)